About Zed Music

The way of Entertainment is changing day by day. In modern era, People depend on mobile,internet and on the other Entertainment tools. Zed Entertainment is a revolutionary digital entertainment company which fulfills the needs of each and every kind of people.

Zed Entertainment provide digital content in the form of music tracks, movies, music video, ringtones, and many more facilities. Zed Entertainment is online releasing audio, video and movies and the online marketing and promotion in the country and all over the world.

Zed Entertainment works to help artist and label to achieve his target and goal in this glob. We are successful in the areas of online distribution, selling and marketing. Connect our network and grow together.

Zed Musics is a unit of Zed Entertainment

Our Team Members

Tahir Hussain

(Founder & MD)

Tahir Hussain is the founder and MD of Zed Entertainment. They have mastered to deliver amazing digital content in the company. Before Tahir discovered the entrepreneur in himself, he was serving as manager in the several companies.

Vikash Singh

(Sr. Manager)

Viksh is responsible for maintaining good and healthy relationship with all labels and company clients. They are also play a role in the company's video editor. All videos are edited in the guidance of vikash. Vikash works as a pool between the company and the clients.

Fakhruddin Khan

(Sr. Legal Advisor)

F Khan is legal advisor of Zed Entertainment. Khan handles the all corporate matters and legal issues in the company. He Maintains custody of legal documents to ensure copyright handling.Khan play special managerial role in the company.